Assist those in Need

Greetings! If you have landed here, it’s because you want to assist those in need.

First of all, thank you. Your big heart is needed on this planet!

As human beings, we believe we all have a great need deep down to serve. We all have an infinite capacity to love.

Sometimes we don’t know where to start with how to help, even though we have the desire. Our world is going faster and faster, and we are all overwhelmed.

And, so, we might give $50 here and there to an organization that seems like they are doing good work (and maybe they are), or to big organizations that have photos of people at a distance who you do not know or connect with. Or, it might cross our minds occasionally about helping others, and then we get distracted with the million plus one things we are bombarded with in this time period.

It’s not that there is a shortage of organizations, websites, shelters, orphanages, elderly homes that are serving people in need. There isn’t a shortage of this.

What there is a shortage of is human connection. 

Ou personal life circumstances, trauma endured, societal programming, among many other factors can make us not trust other humans. It can make us forget the simple beauty of human-to-human connection.

It can be hard to connect. It’s raw. It can make us feel. It’s messy. 

We are here to build a bridge. We are here to provide a place where you can offer help to those in need in a tangible way, to people we personally know, or who are personally connected with a trusted loved one.

These important individuals may be homeless, in prison, in an assisted living home, on the street, on a reservation, in their own home, in a different country, etc.

We personally invite you to expand your view of your world in the way you currently see it, to look beyond borders, walls, colors, races, nations, genders, affiliations, and to look & listen with your heart-eyes.

These important people have a story that is beyond what any of us might know or be able to understand.

Each month, we will highlight a person or family that we are connected with. We will share their story and share with you what they need. In this way we hope to build bridges and create more human-to-human connection.

Our prayer is that we will bring tangible assistance into their lives, those that may be overlooked and misunderstood.

Connect with our monthly in-need person or family here.