We are available to be your guides in several different types of ceremonies and rituals, both indigenous ones we have been trained in by teachers, and also ones that we can design specifically for you or co-create.

Please contact us at info@medicineofthepeople.org for questions or for more information.

Here is some of what we offer.

  1. Despacho Ceremony
  2. Rite of Passage Ceremonies (Blessing Ways, Coming of Age, Other Rites)
  3. Moon Lodge
  4. Men’s Circles
  5. New & Full Moon Women’s Circles
  6. Cacao Ceremony
  7. Sound Healing Ritual 
  8. Fire Ceremony
  9. Mayan Uncrossing Ball Ceremony
  10. House/Office/Land Clearing
  11. House/Office/Land Blessing
  12. Planetary Dance Ritual
  13. Wedding Ceremony