Healing Sacrament Remedy Rolls

Healing Sacrament Remedy Rolls

100% Nicotine Free • Smoke Alternative
Chill without the buzz

A rare product made with a sincere devotion to prayer.  These smoking rolls are designed for those who wish to consume hemp and hemp blends as a spiritual practice.

The creator of Remedy Rolls is David Warren Goodknife, an ordained ceremonialist with the Oklevueha Native American Church. In addition to David’s ministry including drum making and leading sweat lodge ceremonies, he has a wealth of experience with psychoactive plant medicines used by indigenous people.

David prays and sings over each batch to bless the medicine during creation. “You pray with that cannabis, you pray with peyote, you pray with that psilocybin or ayahuasca, and it will shift your reality.”

Using Remedy Rolls will assist in “Leading you to truth if you use it in a sacramental way.” – David Goodknife

Blend Options:

• HERBA (Red) 100% Herbal Blend w/20mg CBD
It is the strongest CBD content with a wonderful flavor.
It provides 2 doses of CBD per smoke.

• HARMONY (Yellow) 50/50 Herbal/Hemp
It is the lightest version of CBD, with a smooth flavor.
It provides 1 dose of medicine per smoke.

• HEMP (Black) 100% Hemp
This smoke has the full flower flavor from hemp, it provides
1.5 doses of CBD per smoke, depending on the individual construction

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Remedy Rolls – HERBA 5 pack



Remedy Rolls – 3 Pack Special – 1 of each Herba, Harmony and Hemp


Remedy Rolls – HARMONY Carton 10 Packs


Herbal Blend Ingredients:

Bear Berry, Mint, Willow Bark, Lovage, Sage, Yerba Santa, Red Sumac, Mullein,
Wild Vanilla, Marshmallow Root, Goldenrod, Meadowsweet, Prayer

For THC consumers, smokes are good for mornings and when one needs to be high functioning for the day.
For symptoms management theses smokes can provide instant relief, o
r add  splendor to your day.
All blends contain less than .03% THC. It is Remedy Roll’s opinion that public consumption in California would be allowed wherever smoking tobacco is not prohibited. Smoking is an adult pleasure, 21 years and older.