Sacred Architecture

I arrived to Sacred Architecture through self & community study, along with research of universal and divine principles, patterns & archetypes. I began realizing more and more how vital it was to have tools to ride the waves of the time that we are in, and began collecting these tools from many different traditions.  I have intricately woven these tools into a unique form of practical, simple and beautiful architecture that helps others work with nature instead of against. You will find by working with me that my joy is in serving & empowering others to add to their own toolbox.

How I Serve

I’m here to offer tools that work WITH the mind to entrain it into a different frequency. As we as humans are made of trillions of cells, and cells are simply vibrating energy, it matters what frequency these cells are at.

I understand deeply how our minds can latch onto an idea/concept/etc. and take off on tangents. I understand the rabbit holes this can lead us into, and how challenging it can be to pull yourself out. I know what can happen when we go down this rabbit hole – anything from addictions, self-destructive behaviors, relationship problems, money problems, health problems, etc. etc. etc. I have experienced this! And I have learned amazing tools from around the world that are now my go-to’s when I feel the mind pulling me into the familiar place of feeling powerless, fearful, depressed, etc.

I’m here to offer you tools that work WITH the mind to entrain it into different frequencies that align with your truest self, the shiniest aspect of you, the part of you that is here to serve, love and experience joy. I am here to help you design your own toolbox that accesses your destiny, instead of your “fate”.

My mission is for each being on this planet to be a “Sovereign Soul”. I believe that as each being becomes more sovereign, this freedom ripples from the individual consciousness to the collective, healing the Earth and it’s inhabitants. I aspire to inspire each person to have an array of tools to employ when they need to shift their vibration.

I achieve this by guiding you to weave your personalized toolbox using the ancient technologies of sound, movement, expressive art, symbols, mudras, mantra, geometry, ritual, sensory awareness, & knowledge of natural cycles of microcosm (self) and macrocosm (collective)

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