Virtual Health Summit 2020 Dr Derek

Dr. Derek Lawerance, ND

Functional Medicine
Immune regulation through gut health

Dr. Derek Lawrence, ND is the founder of Revive Naturopathic Medicine, Inc in Carlsbad California  and serves as the Director of Integrative Medicine at VeraVia, an all inclusive luxury wellness retreat.  His philosophy is that most people want to get better and are happy to participate in their road to getting well if they are simply informed, empowered and inspired to do so. He works to help his patients navigate that road and provide therapies that help expedite the process as much as possible.

Virtual Health Summit Service Only:

Just because we are sheltering in place doesn’t mean your IBS, anxiety or crushing fatigue goes away.  We are here to provide stability within the chaos. Offering Free 30 Minute Health Exploration Consults  Schedule Online here