Virtual Health Summit 2020

Virtual Health Summit 2020

“Strengthen your immunity today, Thrive tomorrow”




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Join our panel of leading experts in their respective fields of healthcare.

Learn about:

  • The latest testing for COVID-19
  • The interaction between your immune system and your gut
  • Tips on bringing sanity to a house full of family
  • How meditation calms the mind and leads to stronger immunity
  • Easy at home exercises to keep fit and avoid the “stay-at-home-bulge”
  • The importance of IgM, IgG, IgA for your immunity competance
  • Immunity and our body’s layers of defense
  • Simple solutions to improve your at home workstation


Brian Miller, MPsy

Wholistic Psychologist
Evolving in Relationship through Stressful Times 

Brian is a modern mystic, spiritual teacher, relationship counselor, author, and Nature Vision Quest guide. His work integrates the essence of the great wisdom traditions, scientific knowledge and his own personal experience. For twenty years Brian has been counseling and leading workshops, he is currently developing a year-long training program and online courses. Brian has devoted his life to the task of exploring Consciousness and supporting others in their quest for greater awareness. He’s also a graduate of University of Santa Monica Master’s Program in Spiritual Psychology in 2002.

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Jennifer Paez, BS,MA

Ceremonialist, Yoga teacher
Strengthening Energetic Immunity

Jenn Paez is a sought-after Energy Healer, Ceremonial Artist, Kundalini Yoga teacher & Gong Sound Practitioner. She employs different tools from her in-depth studies with renowned teachers from around the globe who have helped her hone her studies in Kundalini Yoga, Gong Mastery, Somatic & Earth-Mind Expressive Arts, North & South American Shamanic Studies, and Ceremonial Arts.

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Here are the links to the two meditations she discusses at the summit: 
Meditation #1
Meditation #2

Dr. Derek Lawerance, ND

Functional Medicine
Immune regulation through gut health

Dr. Derek Lawrence, ND is the founder of Revive Naturopathic Medicine, Inc in Carlsbad California  and serves as the Director of Integrative Medicine at VeraVia, an all inclusive luxury wellness retreat.  His philosophy is that most people want to get better and are happy to participate in their road to getting well if they are simply informed, empowered and inspired to do so. He works to help his patients navigate that road and provide therapies that help expedite the process as much as possible.

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Just because we are sheltering in place doesn’t mean your IBS, anxiety or crushing fatigue goes away.  We are here to provide stability within the chaos. Offering Free 30 Minute Health Exploration Consults  Schedule Online here  

Korianne Haas, MD
Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine
Antibody testing for Covid-19: are you immune?

Dr. Korianne Haas is a medical doctor (MD) with previous experience as a board certified anesthesiologist and medical acupuncturist who opened her unique medical practice in Encinitas, CA, in 2013.  At Flourish Anti-Aging Medicine, Dr. Haas and her staff serve patients with chronic infections, autoimmune disease, neurodegenerative/cognitive disorders, general health concerns, painful conditions and those seeking anti-aging and regenerative medicine.  Our safe and effective therapies include upgrading the whole body with medical ozone autohemotherapy, hemealumen UVBI/photon therapy, NAD+, placental MSC exosomes and more. We treat painful conditions of the joints and soft tissues with prolozone, biopuncture, PRP, exosomes and stem cells.  We also offer advanced testing for Covid-19 antibodies!  

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Ki warming up for Ceremony

Dr Paul Paez, DC

host of Virtual summit & Posture Expert
Reduce physical discomfort: Proper at Home Ergonomic Tips

Dr. Paul is a 20-year practicing healthcare provider focused on empowering his client’s through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual applications. He believes that in order to be reaching optimal health and wellness there needs to be a perpetual effort to balance all aspects of our being.

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Jake Lospennato, NASM, CPT, CES 

Personal Trainer
Move to Improve: How movement leads to a healthier immune system

Jake Lospennato is a Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist through The National Academy of Sports Medicine. Jake has experience working with clients from ages 6 years old all the way to 80 years old and has helped his clients achieve goals that include but are not limited to; functional strength and movement health, core and joint stabilization, post rehabilitation exercise plans, weight loss, and improving athletic performance. He has dedicated his career to his passion of helping others realize their unlimited potential to achieve optimal levels of movement, health, and performance.

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