Virtual Summit 2020 – Dr Korianne

Korianne Haas, MD
Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine
Antibody testing for Covid-19: are you immune?

Dr. Korianne Haas is a medical doctor (MD) with previous experience as a board certified anesthesiologist and medical acupuncturist who opened her unique medical practice in Encinitas, CA, in 2013.  At Flourish Anti-Aging Medicine, Dr. Haas and her staff serve patients with chronic infections, autoimmune disease, neurodegenerative/cognitive disorders, general health concerns, painful conditions and those seeking anti-aging and regenerative medicine.  Our safe and effective therapies include upgrading the whole body with medical ozone autohemotherapy, hemealumen UVBI/photon therapy, NAD+, placental MSC exosomes and more. We treat painful conditions of the joints and soft tissues with prolozone, biopuncture, PRP, exosomes and stem cells.  We also offer advanced testing for Covid-19 antibodies!  

Virtual Health Summit Service Only:

Family (3 or more) discounts for Covid-19 test results consults available, see our website for details.