Cacao Ceremony

As there exists varying ways in which we all interpret the world around us, so too are there many ways to describe this ceremony, often called a “Cacao Ceremony”. We also term this gathering “Weavers of Luz”, as it speaks to our overall intention within this circle. 

:: About :: 

We will guide you in performing a ritual as a community to repattern the energetic macrocosm we currently live in. Our intention is to unite the Four Colors of the World by being “Weavers of Luz – Weavers of Light” – bringing light to fabrics of communities and lands that have been unraveled by the matrix of the age we live in. The journey one goes through during this ceremony is a means for the individual to repattern their life, as well as to ripple out to the collective. As a community, we will magically weave different dimensions and ways of being during our time together through story, song, cacao, movement, sound and our collective intention. 

:: Sample Timeline ::

^ Opening
^ Honoring of Four Winds
^ Human Heart to Heart Connection
^ Ancient Prophecy Storytelling
^ Songs from North & South America
^ Plant Medicine Cacao Sharing
^ Collective Movement Meditation of Aliveness
^ Eagle, Condor, Buffalo & Jaguar Medicine
^ Sound Bathing (Gongs, Rattle, Drums, Flute)
^ Release, Change & Integration Circle
^ Closing 

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Here is a perspective from our dominate feminine and masculine, left and right brained perspectives – our view of the Cacao Ceremony we offer.