Divine Shield Meditation

Divine Shield Meditation – How to Expand Your Aura & Strengthen Immunity

This article is to help you better understand the effects on the level of “divine protection” in our lives due to imbalances in our energetic fields. Energetic fields that affect protection are the arcline, the aura, and the heart center.

Imbalances in these fields are increasingly common in our world today due to a lack of meditation and the lack of daily practices that balance our energetic centers. The aura & arcline are specific in strengthening immunity as viruses and bacteria enter into one’s system easier when they are weaker. 

Article Summary

  • How Our Vibe Shapes our World
  • What is Divine Protection?
  • What are the energetic fields that affect positivity & protection?
  • Meditation to Expand Your Aura & Strengthen Immunity – Divine Shield Meditation
  • Personal Daily Practice

How Our Vibe Shapes our World

We’ve all probably heard that our state of mind affects our life. Think positive, people will say, if you want to shift your life. Yet, it’s not as simple as repeating an affirmation or “fakin’ it ‘till you make it”. It’s a matter of vibration, a matter of frequency. 

Quantum physics has shown that everything – yes, even a human being – is simply energy vibrating at different frequencies. We can “think” a different thought, yet we also must feel – i.e., vibrate, the thought. 

Shifting our vibration is fairly simple when approached with consistency, openness, intention & sincerity.

What is Divine Protection?

When we tap into the hum & frequency of the Universe, we find that the compassion of the Universe is uplifting and expansive – as if it always providing a Divine Shield to help protect and guide you. 

What are the energetic fields that affect Positivity & Protection?

It is difficult to focus on your higher feelings and sensitivity if you feel fearful and unprotected.

If the Universe seems hostile, uncaring, and non-responsive it is easy to become filled with cynicism, despair, and hopelessness. In that depressed state it is impossible to sense the fullness and possibilities of life. It is very difficult to solve the very problems that upset you.

Those feelings occur when the aura that surrounds the body is weak and small. The aura is an energetic field that lives two to nine feet in all directions around our physical body.  If it drops below four feet, we tend to become depressed. We cannot fight off negative thoughts from within or from the environment. When our aura is strong and in balance, we are like a magnet for all that brings joy into our life. We feel confident and “tuned in”. When it’s out of balance, we can feel depressed, negative, and even attract illness. 

When we expand the aura, the outer portion of the aura acts as a filter and  “plugs in” to the universal magnetic field. When our auric shield is strong, it is easy to sense & tune into the hum of the Universe. You flow easily with and in rhythm with the greater reality, of which you are a part.

The aura can be temporarily expanded. When we practice regularly (and clear our aura regularly) our energetic fields become more stable and tend to be stronger and less apt to  “go out”. You can think of it as when we strengthen our back muscles, our back is less apt to “go out”.

Divine Shield Meditation – Meditation to Expand Your Aura & Strengthen Immunity 

The Divine Shield Meditation is also known as the “Protection & Positivity” meditation. Yogi Bhajan first taught it in September of 1971. 

When we tap into the hum & frequency of the Universe, we find that the compassion of the Universe is uplifting and expansive – as if it always providing a Divine Shield to help protect and guide you. This meditation does exactly that.  When practiced regularly, one becomes more positive, fearless, and joyful. This meditation connects you deeply to the Shakti, or feminine force of the Universe that lives within each of us. It connects us on a higher plane to our own mother (whatever our relationship with her is) and to the Pachamama, our Mother Earth.

In this meditation we use what is called a “seed sound”, Maaaaaa, as if we are deeply listening as well as calling on compassion and protection.  It is the sound that a baby uses to call on the mother. Here, your soul is the child, and the Universe becomes the Mother. If you call, She will come to your aid and comfort.


Benefits of Divine Shield Meditation:

  • Strengthens Immunity
  • Activates the Power of the Heart Center
  • Uplifts your spirit
  • Strengthens & expands your aura
  • Strengthens the magnetic field around your heart
  • Strengthens the nervous system
  • Activates your pituitary gland
  • Shifts your frequency to a frequency of expansion, connectivity & fearlessness 
  • Connects you to universal consciousness
  • Connects you to the the feminine force within you and all of creative consciousness


Here’s a PDF explaining the meditation exactly. 

Here are two beautiful versions  people of music to go along with this lovely meditation. Enjoy!

Personal Daily Practice

Perhaps you are starting to see the value of learning to balance these energetic centers, and how they can affect your life. 

As a practitioner of Kundalini Yoga and energy medicine for the past 15 years, I can tell you with confidence my experience of how vital it is to cultivate a daily practice of balancing our energy centers. My life has completely shifted from being an empath who experienced fear, anger, scattered thinking & depression to one of joy, clarity, and beauty. 

I’d love to help you tune into what practice best fits your unique needs. Learn more about what sessions I offer here.