Gluten-Free Paleo Chocolate Treats

Curious about how to still enjoy chocolate treats now that you are on your gluten-free/paleo diet? It can be a challenge to find something that is healthy AND tastes good.

Look no more – this will super-satisfy your taste buds and put your mind at ease. And they are super easy to make!

Here’s a little more about the ingredients used to make these. First, we will use raw or roasted organic almond butter.  Truly raw almond butter can be expensive, so sometimes we opt for roasted (also because the taste is a bit more nutty roasted).  The reason why you would might choose to use raw almond butter is because in it’s natural state, there are more nutrients, vitamins and minerals intact, as they haven’t been exposed to heat.

Next, we will use raw cacao powder. Cacao in it’s raw form is an amazing source of many antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and cool, relatively unknown sources of neurotransmitters. One is called “Phenylethylalanine” or PEA, otherwise known as the “bliss chemical”. It’s a hormoned secreted when we fall in love! How amazing that we get to fall in love with chocolate, again and again. You can grind our amazing cacao paste to make cacao powder, if you are so inspired!

The third ingredient is raw honey. Honey in it’s raw state is filled to the brim with antioxidants, and can even help you with allergies, as it has minute bits of pollen, which is known to help boost the immune system and ward off allergy symptoms. Plus, it’s delicious.

Vanilla is our fourth ingredient. Vanilla in desserts, in our opinion, is almost indispensable. It adds a creaminess and subtle sweetness that can’t be matched. Buy an organic vanilla extract that has no other fillers or additives in it. You might even get exotic and try a pure vanilla bean (scrape out the inner “meat” and use this part in the recipe), or vanilla bean powder.

Lastly, do not forget a touch of salt. We use pink himalayan salt, which has 82 minerals – the same amount our body has and needs. Note that table salt (i.e., the white stuff at restaurants) only has two minerals: sodium and chloride. Sometimes they add in iodine. This salt is heated to very high temperatures and our body can’t really recognize it as a good source of minerals.

Okay!!! Now for the recipe!!! You’ve been really patient. Thanks!


1 CUP almond butter
1/4 CUP raw honey
1/2 cup raw cacao powder
1/2 – 3/4 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp himalayan salt

Wash hands. Add all ingredients into a bowl. Wash hands again. Begin kneading the ingredients with your hands. Really, it turns out much better when you use your hands – we promise! Keep kneading until all ingredients incorporated and everything is the same color.

Now it’s time to taste. Take a bit and taste. Does it need more salt? More honey? More vanilla? It might not need a thing. What NOT to do is to start adding OTHER ingredients not in this recipe to try and “fix” your recipe. This is your base recipe. Once you have perfected this, then you could add on with other ingredients if you so desired.

Once you have it the way you like, form small balls and place in a tupperware to keep in fridge. This recipe should make about 25-40 balls depending on the size you make them.

If you liked this recipe, stay tuned for more!

Recipe & article by Jenn Paez