Harner Shamanic Counseling

Harner Shamanic Counseling (HSC) is a method of spiritual learning combining core shamanism with important systemic and technical innovations made by Michael Harner for personal life-enlightenment. HSC is based upon the ancient principles of shamanism, not of psychology or other modern Western systems.

Clients are counseled in shamanic journeying in a series of sessions for the purpose of divination so that they may directly seek answers to questions they have in their lives.

In essence, the clients become practitioners of divinatory shamanism for themselves, with the help and guidance in ordinary reality of the shamanic counselor. One of the features of HSC is that the real shamanic counselors are in nonordinary reality. These are wise teachers that the clients encounter in their shamanic journeys and who provide answers to the client’s questions. The ordinary reality HSC counselors, in contrast, provide instruction, orientation, and methodological advice based upon core shamanism and shamanic journeying.

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