Meditation to Do After an Earthquake

Yogi Bhajan, father of Kundalini Yoga, gave us tools for this specific time period we are in – and predicted the climate changes, suicides, the speeding up, depression … I practice Kundalini Yoga because it works. Give this meditation a try. 

Yogi Bhajan gave us this tool to do right after an earthquake or shock to the system to rebalance yourself and your magnetic field. It helps – so much!  Hope it serves you  ????


“Yogi Bhajan shared a meditation that resets our brain after a shock—especially those that rapidly shift our magnetic field, and that quells our emotional reactions to change. He called it an “earthquake meditation”—for actual earthquakes—and for the sudden shocks that happen in all aspects of our lives.

In this meditation, we use the 5 sounds of the Panj Shabd: Sa Ta Na Ma, which command and organize our inner sound. If the inner sounds of our being have a steady, harmonious rhythm, we can respond outwardly in the same way. Between stillness and the pulse of the shabad, we reach a profound state of neutrality that allows our intuition to act. Yogi Bhajan said that our mind comes under our full control within 15 minutes of consciously pulsing these sounds.

With this meditation, any crisis becomes just another day to experience your unknown and to demonstrate your character and grace to your Self and to the world. You become trustworthy, intuitive and balanced.”

©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan
Source: KRI Level 2 Vitality and Stress Manual