Wisdom-Keeper's Hub

Elders have been there for us for eons.
They have comforted us in times of sorrow. Brighten our day with laughter in ways only they seem to be able to do.

They have inspired us with the perfect story when we needed the most.
Elders have been an integral part of the fabric of who we are and what we are capable of becoming.

They hold information and truths tantamount to the thriving of our lives.
To honor them, we offer this page.

We have titled this “Wisdom-Keepers” instead of “Elders”, as we realize that there are many who offer wisdom to share. If you feel you know someone who is a wisdom-keeper and would like us to have them on our site, please contact us at [email protected]

For those who have a yearning to hear ancient stories, profound principles, and traditional teachings – this is Medicine of The People.

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