Sacred Art

Jenn Paez grew up in Wild Wyoming, where she was imprinted early on with a deep respect and love of nature, wildlife and the stars. Jenn currently resides in California, where she is devoted to Sustainable Earth Art & Rituals.

Jenn aims to create beauty & magic with her hands & spirit using found and/or sustainably harvested wood, leather, gourds, stones, crystals, feathers, bones, pigments, and plants. Her larger goal is to have each piece she crafts come directly from the Earth, with zero synthetic materials involved.

Each art piece is a whimsical prayer, a medicine specific to something being processed in the moment – whether it be personal or collective – and each has their own story or poem.

As Jenn has studied Expressive Art Therapy extensively, she uses art as a tool & a process to help in all aspects of life.  Jenn’s intention is for each piece she crafts to be a medicine for whomever it’s home is with.

Jenn is often told that people can’t put into words what it is they feel when they experience her creations. She laughs, because she understands – she often can’t describe what “it” is for her to create either. “It’s like trying to describe falling in love, or a sunrise, or what music is…they are all of the sacred, all inexplicably beautiful, all simple, yet complex…..we could say it’s the place I’m my shiniest, where I can channel other dimensions, where I bow to God, a place where I can be fully myself…it’s my Home.”

Her hope is that through her art, people are inspired to connect more deeply with nature, with themselves, and with each other. She hopes to inspire people in seeing how we are all interconnected, and finding beauty in the simple & “ordinary”. She hopes that when someone becomes a home for one of her pieces, that it enlivens their life, and that they feel a deep connection with the spirit of the piece. 

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Experience Jenn’s Art 

* Spirit Drum
* Spirit Painting
*Spirit Rattle
* Spirit Wand