Subagh Kriya

Subagh Kriya 

The meditation was given by Yogi Bhajan in 1996, as a potent tool for prosperity and to “invoke the wealth of the Universe”.

By practicing this meditation, it changes gears in your life, and aligns you to the frequency of abundance. Abundance doesn’t necessarily mean “money”, although money is also attracted with this kriya. Abundance can mean gratitude, family, friends, sacred work you love, a phone call from a loved one … you name it. 

There are many stories people have (myself included) of what occurs when practicing this kriya on a regular basis. Money seems to appear out of “nowhere”, you essentially become a magnet for wealth in all forms. Be sure to contact us with your story!

This is a five-part meditation. Each part must be practiced for an equal amount of time, either 1, 3 minutes or 11 minutes. We will practice it in the videos below for 1 minute each.

Practicing each exercise for 3 minutes a day will increase your abundance in your life where you are currently at. Practicing it for more than 3 minutes a day will move you out of where you are currently at. Make sure you understand that, i.e., you may “lose” your job if you practice it for 5 minutes each exercise, however it’s leading you to more prosperity.

Imagine what 11 minutes does! Yogi Bhajan cautioned to go slow, and to not exceed 11 minutes, as it will have the opposite effect. 

Know we are Power in Numbers = Magnified Prayers. The more people that practice the same meditation/pray at the same time, the signal is magnified to the universe.

To see a PDF version of the instructions for this kriya, please visit here.

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