Cacao & Soundology Ceremony

Our Cacao Ceremony is a portal into another dimension through the Plant Medicine Cacao, Soundology, and Human Connection.

In this 2.5 hour ceremony we gather around these four sacred elements:

^ Central Altar
^ Cacao
^ Sound
^ Movement

Come join us on a beautiful journey led by Jenn & Paul Paez (Amuha Anwa & KiAtswn). Experience ancient songs, sounding, drums, rattles, flutes, planetary gongs, movement, heart-opening meditation, & sharing the plant medicine cacao*.  Click here to learn more about where we source our cacao from. 

Mars & Venus Planetary Gongs


Arrivals: 6-6:15 pm. We begin promptly at 6:30 pm. Doors will be closed at this time as this is a closed container (no late arrivals).


Arrivals: 6-6:15 pm
Ceremony Begins: 6:30 pm
Closing of Ceremony: 9 pm


^ a filled water bottle
^ wear something comfortable you can move in
^ a blanket to cover yourself (you will be lying down for part of ceremony)
^ a soft yoga mat (optional to lay down on)


^ please park on street outside complex or in any unmarked space in complex
^ enter through front door of house and you will be directed to ceremony space
^ once you register, you will recieve detailed instructions on location. It is at a private location in Carlsbad, CA.


Please abstain from alcohol, cacao, coffee and other stimulants for 12 hours before this ceremony.
For those on anti-depressants, severe pain medication, or those with significant heart issues, please consult with your health professional first, or contact us prior to registration.


This ceremony is offered at $65/person. You may pre-register below. 
Please note that this is an offering, and not an absolute. If you would like to attend and do not have the funds, please contact us at We welcome you.

There are only 11 spots available for this ceremony! Register ASAP!

Please note that children younger than 15 are not allowed at this ceremony at this time. Thank you for understanding.

Amuha & Ki are a deeply devoted husband & wife team who have been collectively practicing ceremony for the past 20 years. Their mission within each gathering is to fulfill & ground the prophecy of all Four Nations on the planet coming together as One People and One Tribe.

Through their practice of the “Twisted Hair Tradition” they bring to each ceremony the old way of Gathering the Nations. The Twisted Hair Tradition was started by Native travelers who as they traveled to different communities would both bring & gather wisdoms, knowledge & different ways of Being. Amuha & Ki are honored to continue this tradition.

Amuha & Ki’s experience their greatest joy when serving in ceremony, where they fully realize & practice their deeper mission on this planet – building bridges and bringing family together.

Amuha & Ki acknowledge and express their gratitude to their teachers: Gong Master Sotantar, founder of Gong Avatar Academy, Dr. Michael Harner, world-renowned founder of Foundation of Shamanic Studies, Yellow Horse Man, Cherokee Elder, Dr. Lali Mitchell, founder of Sky Mountain Institute, Dr. Liana Carbon, founder of Institute of Shamanic Wisdom, Inc., Anna & Daria Halprin, founders of Tamalpa Institute, Hua Anwa, founder of Circles of Empowerment & Metis Elder & Clan Mother of Long Dance, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, founder of Tree of Life Institute, Siri Singh Sahib (Yogi Bhajan), father of Kundalini Yoga, along with Somatic, Ceremonial and Energy Work teachers along the way.

Offering Herbs at Fire Ceremony

SPACE IS LIMITED: Secure your spot with your Donation today. Only room for 11 people at this event!


All events listed here are also posted on many other Social Media sites, so REGISTER EARLY to assure a seat!


Send your donation to:

Please note that it is necessary to pre-register for this event. Upon your donation, you will receive full address and details. Your donation is refundable up until 48 hours before event. If we cancel event, you will receive 100% refund. Note Medicine of the People is a California 501 c3 non-profit, and your donation is tax-deductible for you. 
*there is only cacao in our beverage that we will serve. nothing more is added except spices and honey to sweeten.
Tasting Cacao


Using Cacao in Ceremony

This feels like a hot topic these days – especially where we are currently based in Southern California. The word “cacao” and “ceremony” have become household words, and you are hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of these terms, and either been to one, hosts them, or can’t wait to get to one.

I read the other day on Facebook from a community member in San Diego that they were going to purge if they heard of another cacao ceremony happening. I cringed, as the last thing I want to “be or do” is follow the status quo because it’s cool, because it’s hot.

Apart from that, this community member spoke to cultural appropriation and how she felt that people hosting cacao ceremonies are appropriating a culture that “isn’t theirs”. I speak more about that here.

So, the question is- what does this ceremony mean to us? Why are we investing time & energy into hosting these gatherings? Why do we lug all of our equipment (gongs, drums, rattles, feathers, wands, herbs, crystals, cacao beans, etc) with little assistance into places that are hard to get to – and sometimes with little attendance? Why do we risk being thought of as being “cultural appropriators”?

I could go into the linear or even non-linear description of what cacao does for us, and of course, yes, claro, that’s part of it.

I could talk about the urgency for our world’s health of gathering in circles, of horizontal thinking, or even what the Kogi call “Pensar Bonito”.

I could say, well it’s about the symbology we are bringing to it, the intention of balancing the masculine and feminine in our own and the world’s natures.

I could say it’s about the Prophecies of this time period, and how we feel we  (and you) are a part of activating them, and that we are magnifying this by praying together.

I could talk about our backgrounds, both ancestral and spirit ties, that give us “permission” to host this gathering.

But the true reason we host them?

Simple: because we are being led to. We have been told time and again by spirits and guides we connect with & receive guidance from that this ceremony is something to keep showing up for, keep bringing to people, keep refining, keep loving and keep praying into.


Amuha & Ki


Rainy Day Snack

I was admiring San Diego’s recent impressive rainfall when I got struck with a need for a snack. You know how it is – you’re typing away, it’s cozy inside with your slippers on and your cup of somethin’ warm. And you need that snack to go with all of it. And you want it gluten-free, sugar-free, and the like. Here’s what I came up with, hope you enjoy as much as my household did!  😉


Ingredients Needed:

1 cup cacao paste
1/2 cup almond butter
1/4 cup gluten-free oats
1/4 cup (or more for personal taste) of maple syrup
1/2 tsp vanilla
sprinkle of himalayan salt


  1. Melt on low heat cacao paste.
  2. Turn off heat before all cacao is melted, so it doesn’t burn.
  3. Add in rest of ingredients and stir, stir, stir.
  4. Taste. Does it need more of anything? If so – always add more of something you already put in – don’t go adding anything from the kitchen sink.
  5. Form into little snacks the size you want.
  6. Place in fridge so they can set. (although, wow are they yummy warm!)

With Love, Jenn





Gluten-Free Paleo Chocolate Treats

Curious about how to still enjoy chocolate treats now that you are on your gluten-free/paleo diet? It can be a challenge to find something that is healthy AND tastes good.

Look no more – this will super-satisfy your taste buds and put your mind at ease. And they are super easy to make!

Here’s a little more about the ingredients used to make these. First, we will use raw or roasted organic almond butter.  Truly raw almond butter can be expensive, so sometimes we opt for roasted (also because the taste is a bit more nutty roasted).  The reason why you would might choose to use raw almond butter is because in it’s natural state, there are more nutrients, vitamins and minerals intact, as they haven’t been exposed to heat.

Next, we will use raw cacao powder. Cacao in it’s raw form is an amazing source of many antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and cool, relatively unknown sources of neurotransmitters. One is called “Phenylethylalanine” or PEA, otherwise known as the “bliss chemical”. It’s a hormoned secreted when we fall in love! How amazing that we get to fall in love with chocolate, again and again. You can grind our amazing cacao paste to make cacao powder, if you are so inspired!

The third ingredient is raw honey. Honey in it’s raw state is filled to the brim with antioxidants, and can even help you with allergies, as it has minute bits of pollen, which is known to help boost the immune system and ward off allergy symptoms. Plus, it’s delicious.

Vanilla is our fourth ingredient. Vanilla in desserts, in our opinion, is almost indispensable. It adds a creaminess and subtle sweetness that can’t be matched. Buy an organic vanilla extract that has no other fillers or additives in it. You might even get exotic and try a pure vanilla bean (scrape out the inner “meat” and use this part in the recipe), or vanilla bean powder.

Lastly, do not forget a touch of salt. We use pink himalayan salt, which has 82 minerals – the same amount our body has and needs. Note that table salt (i.e., the white stuff at restaurants) only has two minerals: sodium and chloride. Sometimes they add in iodine. This salt is heated to very high temperatures and our body can’t really recognize it as a good source of minerals.

Okay!!! Now for the recipe!!! You’ve been really patient. Thanks!


1 CUP almond butter
1/4 CUP raw honey
1/2 cup raw cacao powder
1/2 – 3/4 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp himalayan salt

Wash hands. Add all ingredients into a bowl. Wash hands again. Begin kneading the ingredients with your hands. Really, it turns out much better when you use your hands – we promise! Keep kneading until all ingredients incorporated and everything is the same color.

Now it’s time to taste. Take a bit and taste. Does it need more salt? More honey? More vanilla? It might not need a thing. What NOT to do is to start adding OTHER ingredients not in this recipe to try and “fix” your recipe. This is your base recipe. Once you have perfected this, then you could add on with other ingredients if you so desired.

Once you have it the way you like, form small balls and place in a tupperware to keep in fridge. This recipe should make about 25-40 balls depending on the size you make them.

If you liked this recipe, stay tuned for more!

Recipe & article by Jenn Paez