Using Cacao in Ceremony

This feels like a hot topic these days – especially where we are currently based in Southern California. The word “cacao” and “ceremony” have become household words, and you are hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of these terms, and either been to one, hosts them, or can’t wait to get to one.

I read the other day on Facebook from a community member in San Diego that they were going to purge if they heard of another cacao ceremony happening. I cringed, as the last thing I want to “be or do” is follow the status quo because it’s cool, because it’s hot.

Apart from that, this community member spoke to cultural appropriation and how she felt that people hosting cacao ceremonies are appropriating a culture that “isn’t theirs”. I speak more about that here.

So, the question is- what does this ceremony mean to us? Why are we investing time & energy into hosting these gatherings? Why do we lug all of our equipment (gongs, drums, rattles, feathers, wands, herbs, crystals, cacao beans, etc) with little assistance into places that are hard to get to – and sometimes with little attendance? Why do we risk being thought of as being “cultural appropriators”?

I could go into the linear or even non-linear description of what cacao does for us, and of course, yes, claro, that’s part of it.

I could talk about the urgency for our world’s health of gathering in circles, of horizontal thinking, or even what the Kogi call “Pensar Bonito”.

I could say, well it’s about the symbology we are bringing to it, the intention of balancing the masculine and feminine in our own and the world’s natures.

I could say it’s about the Prophecies of this time period, and how we feel we  (and you) are a part of activating them, and that we are magnifying this by praying together.

I could talk about our backgrounds, both ancestral and spirit ties, that give us “permission” to host this gathering.

But the true reason we host them?

Simple: because we are being led to. We have been told time and again by spirits and guides we connect with & receive guidance from that this ceremony is something to keep showing up for, keep bringing to people, keep refining, keep loving and keep praying into.


Amuha & Ki


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