Why Wear a Medicine Pouch?

Our Clan Mother, Hua Anwa, often asks people who are not wearing a Medicine Pouch, “Why are you walking around naked?” She’ll give you the sideways glance and head shaking that she gives people when they need to know something. She isn’t messing around.

What she means by this talking to is that we Westerners have not been educated in the importance of how to protect ourselves from the influences we are exposed to on a daily basis – other people’s energies, viruses, bacteria, thought forms, etc.

By wearing a Medicine Pouch, it can help with, in essence, repeling these types of influences and not be affected by them. They will literally bounce off of you and be reabsorbed into the cosmos.

I used to be a HUGE empath – meaning almost whomever I was around, I would take on their energy. If they were upset, I would start to feel upset, etc. It was extremely challenging. When I started wearing a Medicine Pouch, my life shifted dramatically. I felt like I could stay centered and not be so affected. It was so altering for me that I now will literally turn my car around and go home to retrieve my pouch if I forget to put it on before I leave the house!

So, what’s IN a Medicine Pouch? This is a very personal and intimate question that is also what makes it a beautiful ritual. You get to choose what goes inside your sacred pouch. It could be crystals, herbs, animal hair/skin, bones, affirmations, symbols, feathers, etc. etc. etc.

That being said, there are certain herbs that are recommended that are a good base to have in a pouch that we have experienced being very protective and connective to the Spirit Realms. We are honored to assist in helping you craft your own pouch, or consulting with you to craft a pouch for you. Read more here.