About Amua & Ki

The time period we are all in right now is an unprecedented time of Evolution, Rapid Change and Global Transformation.

Medicine of the People aspires to awaken seeds of wisdom present in each of us through ancient teachings & prophecies about this time period to help the transition into a new way of being with more ease, grace & abundance.

Medicine of the People was created with our love of each other, the Earth Mother and You.  Through studies, ceremonies, rituals, & prayers over the years, we realized they had something vital to share.

Amua & Ki are a deeply devoted husband & wife team who have been collectively practicing ceremony for the past 20 years. They bring the “Twisted Hair tradition” to each ceremony, meaning that they follow the old story of Native travelers who would travel to different communities and both bring & gather wisdoms, knowledge & different ways of Being. Within each gathering, Amua & Ki are fulfilling & grounding the prophecy of all Four Nations on the planet coming together as One People and One Tribe.

Amua & Ki offer their service as a bridge of ancient wisdom with the modern world. In this way they impact individual lives, resulting in a rippling of positive change to the global community of all colors, creeds and walks of life.

A unique offering of Medicine of the People from Amua & Ki’s travels is the “Wisdom-Keepers” Hub  – a  gathering of Earth Medicine teachings from spiritual leaders desiring to share with the global community.  

About Jenn “Amua Surjeet Anwa”

You will find by working with me that my joy is in serving & empowering others to add to their own toolbox.

I source first and foremost from my relationship with Creator and the deep peace I find when at prayer.  I source from Nature and our dance of interconnectedness. I employ different tools from my in-depth studies with renowned teachers: Gong Master Sotantar, founder of Gong Avatar Academy, GuruMeher Khalsa, Siri Singh Sahib (Yogi Bhajan), father of Kundalini Yoga, Dr. Lali Mitchell, founder of Sky Mountain Institute, Dr. Liana Carbon, founder of Shamanic Institute, Inc., Anna & Daria Halprin, founders of Tamalpa Institute, Clan Mother Hua Anwa, founder of Circles of Empowerment, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, founder of Tree of Life Institute, along with numerous Somatic, Ceremonial and Energy Work teachers along the way.

White Sage Clan Mother Hua Anwa gave me my Spirit Name “Amua Anwa”, which means “Shining Rainbow Woman”. This name speaks to my commitment of building bridges between people of all nations, colors, religions & ways of being. My ancestry is “Metis”, meaning mixed Indigenous & European descent: Native North American (Cochiti & Cherokee), Native Mexica (Aztec) & European (French, English & Spanish).

One of my greatest sources of joy is creating with my own hands. My earth-art is infused with studies along the way, and by what inspires from nature, ritual & ceremony. Learn more about my art here.

I am deeply grateful to being guided every moment of the day by my many ancestors, guides and angels, who, with Fierce Grace, have guided me to be where I am today: Serving You with Love. I strive to begin every day in prayer, offering gratitude for all of the immense blessings in life, and to focus on finding beauty in the “ordinary”.

About Paul  “KiAtswn” (Medicine Wolf)  or “Ki”

I have committed most of my life to be of service. After being licensed in massage in 1996,  I completed my Doctorate in Chiropractic in 2001 and Animal Chiropractic in 2007. In 1997 I began my walk of the Red Road with my first teacher and adopted Cherokee father – YellowHorseMan. It was then I reconnected with my Indigenous South American Nasa ancestry and realized my place in the Eagle/Condor Prophecy – reawakening balance of the feminine and masculine energy consciousness to the People. 

My services include posture-based chiropractic and Animal Chiropractic Wellness (animalchiropractor.org). I am certified in the mind-body techniques of  Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) through Scott Walker and Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) through Fred Ulan, both modalities use muscle testing and require a high degree of neutrality in order to test clients for emotional, physiological or nutritional needs.

In 2014, I sought out Shamanism as a way to help my father who was terminally ill. It was the greatest gift to be part of his dying process, and it forever changed my life.  

Gaining a view into non-ordinary reality and “Spirit World” inspired me to pursue further studies in Shamanism through the Foundation of Shamanic Studies (FSS). I received my  initiation into the FSS lineage of Shamanic Extraction Techniques, Divination, Soul Retrieval & Harner Shamanic Counseling.  

In walking the Red Road I dive deep into spiritual teachings and training in Andean Shamanism, Chumash & Lakota teachings, and Sekhem Reiki.  When working with me, you will find I employ different tools from my in-depth studies with Michael Harner – world-renowned founder of Foundation for Shamanic Studies, YellowHorseMan – Cherokee Elder, Hua Anwa – founder of Circles of Empowerment and Clan Mother of Long Dance and Dr. Liana Carbon – founder of Institute of Shamanic Wisdom.

My greatest joy is when I am serving in ceremony, where I fully realize & practice my deepest mission – to be a servant of Creator and all it’s relatives in the best possible way.

“You have a power that has nothing to do with what you do

or what you say

or who you know or what you know

or where you are or what you look like or your skills

or your talents

or what you have.
It is the power of your presence.
It is the heat and light from your burning log.
And it touches everyone who comes in contact with you….
~Paul Williams, Remember your Essence

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